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Mar 23, 2023, 05:55AM

Trump Supporters: Don’t Get Fooled Again

The former president’s volatile fans ought to ignore any indictment hoopla next week.

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It'll be challenging for activist Trump supporters to stand down if the former president is indicted next week. But that’s exactly what they should do. Aside from the horrendous damage the first arrest of a U.S president will do to the body politic—and the resultant repudiation of his millions of voters—there’s no doubt the left is angling for another opportunity to paint Trump’s troops as violent insurrectionists.

Revelations from January 6th footage obtained and released by Fox News host Tucker Carlson make a compelling case that Beltway Democrats and Deep State strategists may have ensnared MAGA adherents assembled at the capitol that fateful day.

If riots break out in the wake of a Trump indictment, the weakened narrative which characterized overzealous and often moronic Trumpsters as existential threats to democracy after 1/6 will gain new life. New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg—another rogue George Soros prosecutor—is looking to notch big game with charges related to the former president's pay-off money to porn star Stormy Daniels.

It’ll be a test for those outraged by the concerted effort to destroy Trump not to make their voices heard. The general Biden-era gestalt reads like something out of Paddy Chayefsky’s script for Network: Trump-supporting Republicans and conservatives need to cease and desist from even peaceful civil disobedience, and understand that despite the GOP retake of the House, the left holds most of the cards. They risk persecution if not prosecution by a blatant apparatus of selective justice from forces prepared to do anything to stop Trump—the default Republican presidential nominee who holds a significant lead over Joe Biden in at least some polls at this juncture—from running again. For Trump’s most ardent and volatile supporters, the notion of sitting back as he’s indicted and eventually perp-walked strikes them as about as tolerable as staying mum at the prospect of a transexual story hour at their child’s elementary school.

This time, they should ignore the show, and not hand their adversaries a cudgel. Bear in mind, there are analysts on both sides of the political aisle who opine that an arrest of Trump will improve his chances in 2024. If the events of January 6th are reprised in any way, the Washington establishment and corporate media will sink daggers again, and any advantage gained by the spurious and political prosecution of Trump will be mitigated.

Trump’s indictment and arrest should occur against a backdrop of watching and waiting on the Trump right. Law enforcement mobilized to counter any demonstrations against the arrest should find the streets empty of unrest. Agitators sent forth by the likes of the Soros machine should find themselves with nobody to rile up. The actions taken by the get-Trump-at-any-cost forces must occur in a vacuum for all Americans to see, a solemn day of national reflection. 


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