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Mar 22, 2023, 06:29AM

Let Miss Marianne In

Despite staff harangues, Marianne Williamson is the only true counterforce to Donald Trump.

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Crystal visions have given in and the Earth has split open to swallow the one true hope for the United States. The way that the media, military, and economic sector freaked out and convulsed throughout Donald Trump’s presidency was unique in my lifetime, even during the Iraq War, which pundits, op-ed columnists, and proud patriots commemorated the 20th anniversary of earlier this week. Yes, I remember… where I was… when the Iraq War started… No more world where the only present is the past and the future is an endless black horizon. We’re living in a blank generation, separated from each other, a super government made up of the three branches, the military, the media, and people who move gold bars beneath Manhattan. George W. Bush and Barack Obama were equally acceptable to this super-structure, which millions of people have protested against in the streets over the past decade. Whether it’s cops, White Nationalists, or once again, Trump, people are righteously furious, and if their aim is crooked, it’s understandable since this is all so overwhelming. Killer cops and rapist college students spring from the same roots as the grenades that girdle Ukraine. Only one person that’s made it to the televised presidential debate stage in the United States in the last two cycles: Marianne Williamson.

She’s being stabbed right now, and it’s only beginning. The Politico article is the first rib sink, and if she makes it any further, there will be more, and it’ll be worse. Responding to the exposé, Williamson said, “If I can be a bitch at the office at times, I don't think anybody's happy about that, but I think anybody reading that can measure that against what is normal in politics." Besides that and a pro forma promise to do better—"If I've been a tough boss lady, if I have some lessons to learn, which obviously maybe I do, then I hope that I will learn them”—she’s marching on, saved by the breaking news of Trump’s imminent arrest. The Politico article—“She would get caught in these vicious emotional loops where she would yell and scream hysterically. This was day after day after day. It wasn’t that she was having a bad day or moment. It was just boom, boom, boom—and often for no legitimate reason”—came out within days of Trump announcing his own arrest. Opposites attract.

In a resignation letter, one staffer said, “I cannot in good faith subject any future campaign hires to this kind of vitriol. For 30 years I have had zero-tolerance for bullying in the workplace, and that has to include the principle.” If Williamson and her purple and silver silhouette can save the American Republic, perhaps a few heads can roll, and maybe some people can take a cue from H.R. Haldeman, who never shook hands with Richard Nixon until the day he was fired—be loyal. Another staffer said, “Her perspective on the pharmaceutical industry, those points of views informed her personal actions and not getting medication and help that she needed.”

Dirty pool! Maybe she is cuckoo bananas—fair game if she’s throwing phones and objects heavier than salads and combs—but what American president hasn’t stained a wall with brandy, ketchup, and cum? If she starts launching missiles or changing her attitudes post-campaign, different story, but her staffers? Whatever… people are willing to take abuse training for music school and the Olympics, why not politics? The presidency isn’t that glamorous a job, and most people made for it are in the entertainment industry, like Williamson and Trump. Who’d you rather have? There’s no going back from what our political system used to be, with boring governors and predictable dynasties. Going forth, the president will always be a celebrity or place-holder like Biden.

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