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Aug 26, 2008, 06:13AM

The Youngest Delegate

Ben Taber just graduated from high school, but this week he'll get to cast an official nomination ballot for Barack Obama. He's the youngest delegate at the entire convetion, representing Colorado, another anecdote supporting the overhyped Youth Vote. Still, if every 18 year old was half as excited as this kid is the country's politics would be a lot different.

For some people skydiving or driving their car too fast makes their heart pound. But for 18-year-old Ben Taber, it is civic engagement.

A recent graduate of Coronado High School in Colorado Springs, Taber is Colorado's youngest delegate to the Democratic National Convention and will help officially nominate Barack Obama for the presidency.

"I love politics and policy," Taber said. "I get a big adrenaline rush out of it."

"I do not believe the full impact of this event will hit me until I am at Mile High with 70,000 others watching Barack Obama deliver his acceptance speech," Taber said. "I can tell you though, that I feel both immensely honored and excited about being able to be a part of history."

Taber's favorite part about this election year is not only having the chance to actually participate but also the growing involvement of other youth around the country.

"This election will decide the future of our great land for decades to come," Taber said. "I am thrilled to see my peers of the next generation take action and influence our own future."


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