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Aug 26, 2008, 08:26AM

Awkwardly Partying With MoveOn.org

Signing up for email lists is a harrowing risk in the digital age, especially when you end getting invited to a creepy party. Would you go hang out with a bunch of strangers just because MoveOn.org told you too? One man has decided that he doesn't want to be part of any political organization that blasts around personal information to other people in his hometown.

So I get this email from MoveOn.org. I’d registered a name during their video contest months ago but never got around to entering. Big mistake.

Their most recent one yesterday was a little creepy though. It wasn’t the usual email from John Kerry saying how the GOP just voted to increase blah, blah, blahdee blah. This one was for a rally coming up this week at someone’s house a few towns over from me.

I like things the way they were, and if I want to get more involved, then I’ll reach out and ask where can I meet other ‘like-minded’ people thank you very much. People want a say over how and when they do things—they don’t want someone else dictating terms.

They likely buried something in their legalese allowing them to do just what they did with all their email blasts. That’s when many brands fail online. Long registration pages and privacy statements and third-party offers that confuse the shit out of you—and which you have no control over. By the time you try and figure it all out, you’re already on 50 other lists.


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