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May 05, 2008, 12:47PM

The Time Is Now

You may not have noticed, but the world's kinda f-ed up right now. These folks up at the University of Vermont tell us that the youth of America need to be ready to seize the moment, and they actually make kind of an inspiring rallying call.

"We have had to sit and watch, for our whole lives, as the babyboomers who once brought about the social revolutions of the '60s have turned their backs on that revolutionary mindset of their youth and allowed all of these terrors to happen. Soon it will be our hands that will become calloused and roughened, while we pick up the debris.

But we do not have to think of this as a terrible thing.

This point in history - this nexus, this swirling vortex of coming change - that, for all they say about it, the Barack Obamas and Hillary Clintons of the world are powerless to do anything about, uniquely empowers us to shape the future. It gives us experience that bridges the chasm that has split generations.


  • The first half of this editorial could've been, and probably was, written by the staff's predecessors in the 1970s. Take a deep breath.

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