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Aug 22, 2008, 12:28PM

The Real VP Debate

Waiting to hear Barry's choice for Veep is getting really boring, so even though we should finally get an answer this weekend it'd be a lot more fun to pick out a fictional running mate. After a competative vetting process, it turns out the experience and wisdom of Gandalf would make the ideal partner for the young, fresh-faced Obama.

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Questions of substance abuse might disqualify Gandalf from Vice-Presidential consideration.

Evan Bayh?  Joe Biden?  Who cares!  Which fictional character would make the best running mate for Obama? The list of "real" people is getting pretty boring, so kill some time while waiting for your bff 2 txt u hs runng mt lolz!

Conventional Wisdom suggests that Obama is looking for three things in a vice president- foreign policy chops, a counterweight to his thin resume, and a philosophical soul mate.  Movies, books and cartoons offer a lot of possibilities.  What's the best way to break down the choices?  Why brackets, of course!

Who will win out? Superman or Gandalf? Will that Monopoly dude buy his way to victory? Or will Mr. Smith make it to Washington one more time?

Guandalf vs. Jefferson Smith
This is a real tossup -- on one hand you have the war hero foreign policy expert whose age could become a liability; on the other hand an idealistic man-of-the-people who proved himself tough enough to take on the special interests and win.  Smith is also young, dynamic, and photogenic, important features in today's image-driven coverage.  But it's a near certainty that the GOP will try to make this election about national security, and despite his age, Gandalf would bring much-needed heft to the ticket and help reassure voters that Obama will keep them safe.  Winner:  Gandalf!

  • Easy call: The Monopoly Guy. Seriously, though, Evan Bayh makes the most sense: he's been in government since he was 5, is boring (Obama doesn't need any charisma at the bottom of the ticket) and he'll probably win Indiana, which, along with Virginia, could clinch the election.

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  • So much for the Bayh prediction. Biden's a very smart guy, has a distinguished career, regardless of whether or not you agree with his politics, so the real question is whether the Obama campaign keeps him on a short leash, hoping he doesn't tell some truths that will be interpreted as gaffes.

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