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Dec 15, 2009, 05:57AM

The death of the public option

Time to face the facts.

The public option is dead this morning. And this time, it isn't coming back to life. The Senate isn't going to include any version of the idea in its bill. And while the House can still demand a public option in conference, nobody I know expects the House to prevail.

  • ..."The primary causes of death were the fierce opposition of special interests and the institutional habits of the United States Senate, in which a clear majority of senators representing an even clearer majority of the people lack the power to pass a bill." So it's clear that the people and their needs has nothing to do with this bill. Never did, never will. Until someone asks why healthcare and health insurance in the US is so expensive in the first place no change will happen. The human spirit will almost never win in a capitalist society. business as usual.

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