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Oct 22, 2008, 08:47AM

Say what?

A bit of Sarah Palin's verbiage history.

Hard to handle, sometimes:

Got all that?  You need to have the people with the good ideas who will work with others–good call!  She is also in favor of some bailouts, but not those crazy Democratic bailouts:

But now that we’re hearing that the Democrats want an additional stimulus package or bailout package for what, hundreds of billions of dollars more, this is not a time to use the economic crisis as an excuse for reckless spending and for greater, bigger government and to move the private sector to the back burner and let government be assumed to be the be-all, end-all solution to the economic challenges that we have. That’s what’s scaring me now about hearing that the Democrats have an even greater economic bailout package, but we don’t know all the details of it yet and we’ll certainly pay close attention to it.

Yes, this crisis is not something to be used to promote bigger government!  Drawing a line in the sand!  Oh, wait:

Now, as for the economic bailout provisions and the measures that have already been taken, it is a time of crisis and government did have to step in playing an appropriate role to shore up the housing market to make sure that we’re thawing out some of the potentially frozen credit lines and credit markets, government did have to step in there.

Following up on an earlier question that misrepresented an NR article about Palin, Palin offered this remark:

You have that, that combination and I think that some in the media, maybe in The National Review [bold mine-DL], they don’t know what to make of that, they’re like, gee, she’s, you know, where’d she come from, surely, you know, it should be our job I think they assume is to, pick and, and be negative and, and find things to mock and, that’s just I guess part of the political game, I guess.


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