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Oct 12, 2009, 06:40AM

Rep. Alan Grayson

The new rising progressive star.

My Deany-sense is going off big-time. Alan Grayson is a star -- a real progressive star. He doesn't give a shit about whether the Republicans' feelings are hurt or whether the insurance industry will start donating. $31 million of your own money will do that. Of course the usual reactionary wingnut churls will call him a hypocrite and ask why he doesn't use his own money to buy health insurance for others. After all, their hero, Eric Cantor, told a woman to have her cancer-stricken friend beg for charity. It's how Republicans think: I Got Mine and Fuck You. Alan Grayson should pay for health care. He should pay more than we do, because he has more than we do. It's called taxes. They're supposed to work FOR people, instead of for waging pointless wars in countries that did nothing to us. 


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