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Dec 02, 2008, 06:10AM

Pardon the Horde

President Bush is not known for doling out pardons, but he should consider a blanket pardon of the Walmart shoppers who trampled a security guard to death on Black Friday.

Eh, or not:

And if police do succeed in identifying the Wal-Mart shoppers, think of the message President Bush would be sending about the free enterprise system by awarding these great Americans the Medal of Freedom. They refused to horde their hard-earned dollars in low-interest savings accounts but instead went out to spend it, just as President Bush has urged them to do, at an American company that in the best American tradition has given consumers the best bargains possible by not overpaying their workers and by scouring the world for the cheapest merchandise produced in countriesthat are not subject to draconian labor and environmental laws. Isn’t that the very definition of freedom?


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