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Jan 14, 2009, 08:04AM

Obama schmoozes Old Media

The President-Elect stopped by George Will's house for dinner and jowl-laden banter.


Something else: The idea of his doing dinner at George Will’s house suggests a level of bonding and good-will and, even, intimacy. But let me tell you what one of these dinners, with a vaunted featured guest, is really like. It’s all timed, because your big guy—in this case, the president-elect—is on a tight schedule. First, 25 minutes of cocktails—with the big guy arriving 15 minutes late. So you’ve got him for 10 minutes, with everybody lining up trying to get one exchange (to be able to say to editors and fellow media people,“I said to him…”). Then, to the table, with the host monopolizing the guest. Then, quick catered salad. Then, piece of meat. At which point, host introduces guest, speaking way too long. Then, the big guy gives a talk, a stilted, rote summary of things he has said a million times before, with some minor tailoring to the people in the room.

  • Michael Wolff captures the helplessness of the Republican hot dogs perfectly. They no longer have an ear to the administration and don't subjectively realize that they don't matter anymore. By the time the Republicans reclaim power, these guys will be retired and writing memoirs. Obama, once again, has proved what a shrewd and smart politician he is.

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