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Sep 05, 2008, 05:35AM

McCain Should Pledge A One-Term Limit

Whether you believe John McCain's a lifelong crusader with one last mission to accomplish or worry that his physical and mental health might detioriate while President, his age is an inescapable election issue. One young conservative thinks McCain should pledge to only serve one term, both to offset concerns about his age and to govern more effectively as a post-partisan leader.

In part to combat this image of old versus young, McCain chose Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska), 44, as his vice presidential candidate. A shrewd move. However, the fact remains that, also last Friday, he turned 72, and would be the oldest man ever elected to the presidency.

There has been some mention of a one term pledge and discussion as to whether or not McCain should agree to it despite his recent denials that he will. 

I think he should.

Of course making yourself a lame-duck from before you step into office is a dangerous and risky move. However, McCain is a unique man and candidate for president and I believe the move could just as easily pay off for him.

The largest fear is that setting a timeline for his departure will allow a Democratic Congress to wait out his time in office and refuse to cooperate with him. However, Congress currently has a lower approval rating than President Bush. I seriously doubt that the American people could stand four years of Congress sitting on their hands. Additionally, McCain is well known for his ability to work in bi-partisan environments. Chances are he could compromise enough to get things done without giving up his conservative principles and plans.

  • This writer is well-intentioned, but if McCain pledged just one term it would probably lessen his already longshot chances at defeating Obama. It would underscore his age even more, and though she wouldn't be assured the 2012 nomination, make people more nervous about Sarah Palin. The smart move, should he defy odds and win, would be to announce at the '10 midterms that he won't seek reelection.

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