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Aug 01, 2008, 06:38AM

McCain's No-Good, Very-Bad Week

John McCain seemingly lost his one clear advantage in the campaign when the Iraqi Prime Minister supported Barack Obama's timeline for withdrawal. Now the battle turns to domestic issues, and as the last week has shown McCain is a long way from showing the competence and comfort to achieve success.

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You can forgive John McCain if he seems a bit grumpy lately - you would be too, if your chance at the White House seemed to be imploding around you. Repeatedly, the Arizona senator and his campaign have bumbled away any advantage he may have had from locking up his party's nomination before Barack Obama. Now consistently trailing in the polls, things are looking grim for McCain. Of course, a year ago his primary campaign was on life support, so time will tell if the senator has another miracle comeback in the bag. This time, however, he doesn't have the advantage of weak competition.

Time and time again, McCain's poorly thought out policies have boxed him in a corner. Strangely enough, he continues to hammer away on his laughable idea for a gas tax holiday, and criticizing Obama for calling it a gimmick. Which, of course, it is. On Sunday, ABC host George Stephanopoulos asked McCain how he would get the oil companies to pass savings along to the consumer (something every decent economist says would not happen). McCain's answer: "We would make them shamed into it." That's his whole plan - to make the oil companies feel just terrible about their profits. Perhaps McCain knows the necessary Jedi mind tricks to make that happen, but I doubt it.

Meanwhile, Obama has spent his time touring the world, giving speeches in front of massive crowds and rubbing shoulders with international leaders. Desperate for attention, McCain's campaign has been scrambling for a response. Initially, they tried to complain that the media gave Obama's trip too much attention. When that didn't fly, they cooked up a patently false ad claiming that Obama snubbed injured troops because he wouldn't be allowed to bring cameras. No matter that the accusation just isn't true - it gets to the core problem with McCain's presidential bid. Quite simply, this election isn't about McCain at all. It's about Obama, and McCain has done nothing to change tha

  • McCain's campaign has been in a constant state of implosion. That he's still within striking distance of Obama at the beginning of August is the real surprise. He's a crummy candidate, but the election's not about him, it's all about Obama. McCain has a chance of winning, not a big one, but a chance, and if he does it won't be because he finally became coherent on the economy (which he isn't). It'll be because the country's nervous about Obama; McCain could win by default.

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