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Oct 27, 2008, 10:40AM

John Milton: Poet, Republican pundit

A recetly resurfaced radio interview Obama gave in 2001 certainly leaves room for debate concerning the presidential candidate's economic policies. But Whittle sees this as an opportunity to describe, in hell-and-brimstone rhetoric, just how the press will burn in hell for not reporting on this interview to his liking.

Seriously, someone give this man a sedative:

We no longer have an independent, fair, investigative press. That is abundantly clear to everyone — even the press. It is just another of the facts that they refuse to report, because it does not suit them.

Remember this, America: The press did not break this story. A single citizen, on the Internet did.

There is a special hell for you “journalists” out there, a hell made specifically for you narcissists and elitists who think you have the right to determine which information is passed on to the electorate and which is not.

That hell — your own personal hell — is a fiery lake of irrelevance, blinding clouds of obscurity, and burning, everlasting scorn.

You’ve earned it.

  • I think it is a serious error from the part of GOP to engage in discounting the credibility of the media at this time. They will regret it if the media were to report bad dealings by the democrats in the next 4-8 years and the public ignores it. Media is always biased against the incumbent. Let us face it.

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