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Aug 17, 2023, 05:55AM

Hunter Biden is a Distraction

Republicans have plenty of ammuntion against his father. Use it.

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Joe Biden's son was in the news again this week. It has something to do with a plea deal regarding a gun charge. I don't know much about it, the same as anything else regarding the Hunter Biden saga the country has endured over the past four years. I disapprove of his father's job performance, which is more important for the country.

Regarding Hunter, I know the U.S. House voted to impeach Donald Trump for asking Volodymyr Zelenskyy to investigate the Bidens' business ties to Ukraine, that he owns a laptop, he has had drug problems in the past, doesn't pay his taxes, owns guns, used to work for Amtrak, and he’s been on a water slide completely naked before. But mostly, I know that Republicans love posting and reposting blurred-out Hunter Biden dick pics on social media.

I don't give a shit about any of it, though I’d appreciate it if people would stop posting nude pictures of men that may constitute revenge porn on my Twitter timeline. Even without any alleged corruption, Joe Biden has done enough to make people disapprove of his presidency without bringing Hunter into it. Instead of looking at pictures of him in various states of undress, perhaps we should look at the President's White House tenure. He signed the American Rescue Plan into effect, a boondoggle COVID stimulus bill that the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco admitted was a significant driver of inflation, which peaked at 9.1 percent in June 2022. Now, municipalities have excess money and are wasting it on frivolous pork projects while the American people struggle and have to cut back on groceries. The Federal Reserve’s aggressive actions have made homeownership less affordable for young Americans.

Biden also signed the CHIPS Act and the Inflation Reduction Act. The former bill was corporate welfare for semiconductor manufacturers. The latter provided corporate welfare for green energy producers, which is great if you're a billionaire green energy investor like Tom Steyer. While the President deserves credit for lowering prescription drug costs in the Inflation Reduction Act, unfortunately, he’s been unable to get other parts of his agenda that would help working people. The failure to raise the $7.25 federal minimum wage is a prime example; the administration hasn’t pushed for a raise after the attempt to more than double it to $15 an hour failed. Plus, paid family leave, originally part of the Build Back Better agenda, was cut instead of trying to work with the other side to get a plan done.

Biden illegally attempted to forgive hundreds of billions in student loan debt without Congressional approval. It would’ve been a regressive bailout for white-collar workers that offered no corrections to the broken higher education system. It may have incentivized private, for-profit colleges to keep raising their absurd prices instead of controlling costs. Not only would the schools enjoy government-backed loans, but if the government is going to bail out the borrowers, kids don’t have to be smart shoppers when pursuing higher education. I say this as someone who supports tuition-free public college and thinks mediocre private colleges are wasteful.

Under the Biden administration, the United States has provided Ukraine with $113 billion to fight an unwinnable war where deaths and destruction increase by the day instead of attempting to broker a peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine. And while Russia deserves blame for starting the war, it’s preferable to end an expensive, environmentally-destructive, people-displacing war occurring in Eastern Europe. As a conservative, I also dislike Biden's social views. His administration won’t say if he backs any abortion limits—a tragedy given that Biden knows abortion kills a human being and hasn’t pursued a demand-based abortion reduction agenda.

Like 75% of the country, I disagree with the administration's insistence that more than two genders exist. And the administration has not handled the U.S.-Mexico border well. Drug deaths continue to rise, and the border faces record crossings, which Biden has failed to address. The country lacks the resources to deal with the influx to the point where Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey's administration has asked private residents to house migrants in their homes.

Please forgive me if I’m uninformed about the latest Hunter Biden scandal. He has too many to keep up with, and I’m too busy to care.


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