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Sep 03, 2008, 06:39AM

Help Todd Palin Buy A Snowmobile

Everybody's talking about Sarah Palin, but she hasn't had enough time to speak for herself. Luckily she's had time to blog while cooped up in Minneapolis getting ready for her big speech tonight, with occasional guest blogging from her family. Her husband Todd's got a really sweet idea for how to help the campaign look awesome, and he needs your online contributions to make it happen.

This is the 2009 Yamaha Apex RTX snowmobile. Its really awesome, its got titanium exhaust, 150 horse power and a ton of other stuff.  You should really click through and see for yourself, it is AMAZING.

What I am proposing is that you guys contribute and help us get this for the campaign.  I know it seems expensive ($11099 MSRP) but when you think about it if everybody just gives a little we can totally do this without anybody spending a lot of money.  It worked for that Dean guy and he turned out to be crazy, so it should totally work for us.

There is no doubt, this will totally help with my snowmobiling. I'm going to be up front about that, I don't want to bulls*** you.  But it can totally help the campaign too. You should let me explain, because Terry didnt understand at first either.

Actually it was kind of a whole big thing, Terry was really upset when I told him I was going to do this even tho Sarah was 100% behind the idea.  He said Mr. McCain would not want me to do this and so I'd better not. And I said well, I think I deserve to talk to Mr. McCain about it man to man, I've earned that much.  But Terry said Mr. McCain was napping and couldnt be disturbed, so we just kept yelling and Im shaking my head saying to myself you know I am gonna punch this guy. I know Sarah will be mad but I dont know what else to do, I am gonna lay this jacka** out.


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