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Dec 04, 2009, 07:08AM

Cops can be real dumb

SWAT team brought out for man assembling LEGO gun in office.

More here.

As I went to meet him at around 6:30 pm I was stopped by a policeman on the sidewalk on Richmond Street West and Brandt. He told me to turn back. To his right was his partner in a squad car. Down the block was an ambulance askew in the  one way street left unintended. I skirted the block. There was another cop car on Camden. And another one at Spadina and Richmond. Three cops this time. One directing traffic. They were blocking traffic from driving down Richmond in the direction I just came from. I peered down the street. Three more cops and another ambulance. One policewoman was barking at a driver to get the hell out of there. I walked north on Spadina and peered down the alley. Two more cop cars.


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