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Nov 06, 2009, 04:42AM

Christopher Hitchens not at all a fan of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

Apparently it's The Daily Show and The Colbert Report that are cheapening our national political dialogue. Uh... huh.

THE MERRY MONTH of July 2009 had barely witnessed the spectacle of Al Franken eventually taking his seat  as the junior senator from Minnesota when, immediately following the death of Walter Cronkite, Time magazine took an online poll to determine who was now “America’s most trusted newscaster.” Seven percent of those responding named Katie Couric. Nineteen percent nominated Charles Gibson. Twenty-nine percent went for Brian Williams. But the clear winner, garnering 44 percent, was Jon Stewart of The Daily Show. Either I missed it, or the poll failed to specify, in that wonderfully reassuring way that polls purport to do, what had been its “margin of error.”


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