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May 06, 2009, 08:51AM

Burgers for Two

Obama loves a little fast food. Not in the Clinton kind of way though.

President Obama and VP Joe Biden grabbed burgers at a local DC eatery the other day, and people loved it:


 “Bonnie Cosby, 51, a technology consultant who picked up burgers on her way home from work, opined: ‘It shows that he's in touch with the people, that he's not up in the ivory tower. He's a real person -- with a burger.’”


So Obama is a “real person” because he stages a “random” lunch where several reporters just happen to be present. Come on, man! He’s the POTUS! He does not care about the food you eat for lunch. At least – I hope he doesn’t care. I want him to care about important things like, you know, war and torture and the Taliban. Not cheeseburgers.


Although I have to admit, I admire Biden’s choice of a swiss burger with jalapenos. He must be a real American.

  • No no, they're only considered American if thy ask that the burger is marinated in nationalism and served with a side of liberty...ok, maybe they'll settle for freedom fries.

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