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Jan 28, 2010, 01:44PM

Apparently asbestos is still around

Yup: “ 'The State’s assessment found Rosewood to be so dangerous as to recommend that no one trespass on the property,' said Cristy Marchand."

And it's ironic:

Costing the state millions of dollars for inefficient and what many felt was substandard care for a dwindling number of residents with disabilities, the institution was finally closed by Governor O’Malley in January of ‘08. But that was not the end. Two years later, the property, though uninhabited, is still costing the state $2.6 million a year for security and upkeep, because it needs a lengthy and expensive clean up before it can be sold. To see the master plan for future development of the Rosewood site, click here, and then click on the Rosewood photo at the right of that site.

Although Rosewood housed our most vulnerable disabled population just two years ago, it is now considered a dangerous environmental and health hazard, according to the DHMH assessment.


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