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Aug 13, 2009, 08:51AM

A moderate conservative's solution to the health care crisis

Let's start with the death panels.

By now we are all aware that should liberal health care reform pass through Congress we will face government-sanctioned euthanasia of the sick, elderly and mentally incompetent; we will sit in lines longer than the opening night of the third Lord of the Rings film just to see our primary care physician, who will then turn out to be a disgruntled DMV worker with a stethoscope replete with Gestapo uniform; and when we do receive “care” it will be so subpar as to be in fact harmful – far more harmful, in fact, than no care at all.  Obama will quite probably set up a "death panel"  to determine which citizens are worthy and which have outlasted their usefulness.  This panel will quite possibly include the judges of popular left-wing television show American Idol.  (They’d call the panel a “Life Panel” though, wouldn’t they?)

And yet…


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