On Campus
Oct 13, 2008, 10:09AM

Will Study For Food?

Students at Michigan State University are benefiting from a student-run food bank in the face of rising munchie costs.

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Tough times:

At Michigan, where the food bank is supported by charitable donations and hosted in the health center cafeteria every two weeks, the offerings include staples —such as bread, canned vegetables and soup — in addition to a rotating list of college student favorites, including microwave popcorn and baking mixes. Each pick-up day 10 or 15 student volunteers help package food, stock shelves and serve customers. They conduct interviews to see how much food to give out — if a customer has a family to support, he or she gets more — but almost never turn someone away. "Someone who is not on a tight budget is probably not going to go through the hassle," says Kristin Moretto, 34, an education graduate student and the director of the food bank.


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