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May 30, 2008, 01:34PM

Now That School Is Over

A college writer comforts us with the knowledge that if you lived in Spain it wouldn't be lame to move back in with your parents. But that still doesn't help you figure out that the nebulous process of "finding yourself" in the cocoon of campus hasn't exactly gotten you ready to pay your own bills.

But enough postmodern bullshit, let's get real, 'cause that electric bill sure is. The most feasible thing to do is to go back home. There's shame associated with the bird that's learned how to fly returning to the nest, but this is strictly an American construct. In Europe and Latin America, young people stay home until they get married, well into their twenties. But it's difficult to declare independence when the Queen is doing your dirty laundry, and paying rent to your 'rents is just one big slap in the face. So on to the other, less safe, way more exciting alternatives.

Menial jobs sound like hell, but not if you're in Alaska or Amsterdam. Who's stopping you? If you've got no prospects, why not go someplace crazy before turning into an overworked slave to the must-always-produce, nine-to-five capitalist regime that failed you in the first place.

What's the rush? You can't wait until you start waking up at 7 a.m., endure the hectic commute, face pressure from your self-important supervisor, toy away mindlessly with Excel sheets, drink the shitty, watered-down coffee, listen to trivial office gossip, get off work too late for the happy hour and too early for the afterparty? For the first time in your life, no one is telling what you have to do or where you have to be. So just leap and start living your Life.

  • I wonder if this dude could whine any more than in this article. One, why anyone would want to live with their parents after they're 18 is beyond me. Two, not all jobs entail doing errands for The Man. Grow up.

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