Feb 02, 2015, 09:23AM

Splice Presents: Height Zone World Ep. 27 - Katrina Ford (To Claim a Power of My Own)

A joint podcast from Splice Today and Height.

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My guest this week is Katrina Ford, of Celebration and Mt. Royal. She also sang in Lovelife, and the influential '90s band, JAKS. I’ve been a fan of her bands since I was in high school, and I was excited to get the scoop on her history.

She talks about her chaotic childhood, and how the world of music and art gave her strength in her young adult life. I ask her what touring was like before the internet, in the time of pay phones, landlines and Book Your Own Fuckin' Life magazine. She gets real about the frustrations of trying to make it happen in the music business, and explains how she’s been able to persevere through disappointments and keep pressing forward.

It all went down at the Lineup Room. Mike Riley’s art this week is an homage to Salt and Pepa’s “A Salt with a Deadly Pepa."


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