Mar 12, 2009, 06:25AM

Remaster petition

Vis-a-vis Benjamin Bartlett Sigerson's article on audio mastering, we found the petition to remaster Metallica's Death Magnetic.


"...A Technical error in recording from the master....It will not sound like this on the album" - Benjamin on behalf of Mission Metallica after the release of poor quality versions of the first single, The Day That Never Comes.

Mission Metallica & Warner Brothers lied to the public to ensure that they didn't lose album pre-orders!

After the album was released, this same "technical error" became "An exciting sound that people are responding to" - Cliff Burnstein, Q-Prime, after the album release.

Death Magnetic is a fantastic effort from Metallica, however many of us are disappointed by the poor audio quality present on the album.


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