May 21, 2009, 11:46AM

Hulu to Stream Dave Matthews Band

30-something frat boy stoners rejoice.

You aren't Under the Table and Dreaming: Hulu, the preeminent online video streaming website, has announced they will be streaming their first live concert on June 1, 2009. Dave Matthews Band, everyone’s favorite soul-ed out rockers, has been chosen as the lucky band to be featured on the site. 

The band’s June 1 concert at New York’s Beacon Hill Theater will be exclusively streamed online via the country-specific Hulu.

Seems a bit fishy, or Phish-y rather, judging from the band’s neuvo-pseudo-hippie-collegiate following. Have the free-lovin’ wannabe flower children converted to the web? We’ll see I guess.

With clichés like ultimate frisbee bouts, tie-dying, and tokin’ up how ever will these Gen-Xers have the time to become computer-savvy and make their way to Hulu.com for the gig?

Come June 1 the frat-houses will have to pause their beer-pong games, turn down the Hootie and the Blowfish, oh wait this is the year 2009 they’ve moved on to Asher Roth, put down the patchouli, and make their way to the nearest Macbook to catch the show.

The concert will also be broadcast in high definition on the seemingly random and directionless TV network, Fuse.

I sense a burgeoning subculture, hippie 2.0...SAY IT ISN’T SO! Just remember the Twitter bird is not a dove, I repeat it is not a symbol of peace. 


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