Dec 10, 2016, 05:58AM

Getting Physical

52 Weeks of Elizabeth Veldon, Week 49: “expressing a journey” (1/29/14).

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two tracks for a gym (volume 1) is not titled ironically; it’s very easy to imagine conquering a Stairmaster or treadmill or rowing machine while this EP ejaculates repeatedly through your Beats By Dre headphones. On the back end, “expressing a journey” tap-dances madly in place, all electronic scuz and dive-bombed blips. The tempo never quite settles into a single RPM, probably because this is profoundly solar music that’s less about thermal sources and more about post-thermal effects: how will chemicals vats and storage trailers react to relentless waves of flame? You can see how something this kinetic might engender motion, if not a few choice unmixed metaphors. Oh, fuck it, here’re two: lottery-ball hoppers collectively going ham, or cyborg hippies in Iron John reverie way, way out in the sticks. Maybe I’m making “journey” sound darker than it actually is, but it actually becomes more charming over time, once we adjust to this particularly percussive vision of restlessly-blinkered psychedelia. That’s not a pejorative.


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