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Jul 08, 2008, 09:52AM

We Can Only Take So Much Of Will Smith As Our Hero

Hancock promised a lot but really only came through in the concept. This reviewer found the execution lacking, but on the plus side he is really excited about seeing The Dark Knight.

The highlight of “Hancock” is not contained within its sloppy 93 minutes, but comes during the previews in the form of the saliva-inducing trailer for “The Dark Knight.”

I tried to keep an open mind – “Hancock’s” star Will Smith is the Fresh Prince of July Fourth blockbusters after all. But, it was headed downhill before it began, and even though Will Smith moderately entertains with his general likability, the utter ridiculousness in an off-the-wall plot twist and its subsequent ridiculous ending render “Hancock,” well, ridiculous.

We’re first introduced to Hancock’s powers – which include brute strength, a bulletproof body, the ability to fly and a remarkably snide delivery of corny one-liners – as he involves himself in a high-speed chase against Bad Guys who did something Bad.

This scene might have been OK if the sound track had scrapped the song “Move Bitch” by Ludacris as Hancock soared over the 101 Freeway. (Really, music directors?)


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