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Dec 22, 2008, 06:35AM

[Insert Internet buzzword here]

Over to your right you'll see the trailer for a feature horror flick made solely on the Web, much like, say, an open source type of situation. Here's the background history of the film.

Great stuff:

Massify, the online collaboration site for film makers, recently reached its goal of creating the first ever fan-created film with the completion ofPerkin's 14, a horror flick scheduled to premier January 9 - 15 during Horrorfest III.

Most exciting is the process; from selecting the story to post production and launch, the Massify community was involved in making decisions every step of the way.

Massify, a young startup out of New York, was conceived by Kenneth Woo and Brett Icahn [yes, the son of Carl Icahn] as a network for filmmakers to connect and collaborate.

Earlier this year, Icahn told the New York Times: "Online networks should apply a democratic process to the creation of content, not just the distribution of it."

Similar to MeDeploy, a company we've written about before, Massify provides tools for indie filmmakers. The biggest difference is in the level of community participation. Massify offers members a platform to share ideas with like minded folk with a goal of creating films that the community wants to see. By way of online competitions and community voting, ideas turn into films that Massify and its partner's fund. Perkins' 14 is their first group effort.


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