Feb 15, 2010, 10:02AM

Werewolf: the latest tech craze

"'I was sure of only three things,' Wales remembers. 'One, I was not a werewolf. Two, one of these bastards was an amazing liar. And three, the other guy was a total moron. I just couldn't figure out which was which.'"

O'Reilly Media is the biggest name in tech publishing, and the men gathered round its boardroom table this July morning in 2008 are typical of the mavens who frequent its Sebastopol, California, HQ. Here is Brian Fitzpatrick, head of engineering at Google Chicago; Rich Gibson, an O'Reilly author and member of the GigaPan panoramic camera project; and Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. Just another networking day in Silicon Valley, then.

  • If only a real werewolf would eat Jimbo Wales. Oh, how happy we all would be! Also, I think this article may be the most smug thing I've ever read.

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