Jul 01, 2008, 12:57PM

Pitchfork Sets Digital Trap For Marketing Purposes

This year's version of the Pitchfork Music Festival turns music fans into revenue sources. "Courtesy" of Boost Mobile, festivalgoers can send a text to get an alert when their favorite band is going on, and for the overall schedule. So, by giving away information that could just as easily be found on a piece of paper, the Pitchfork Digital Empire gets to hoard valuable marketing data. If you text, your cell will be forever recorded and identifed so that you can be sold stuff based on the bands you like.

And for the cell-phone savvy, a few perks, courtesy of Boost Mobile: text "Pitchfork" to 6509, and you'll get a full Pitchfork Music Festival schedule. Text the name of your favorite fest act (i.e., "Les Savy Fav", "Dirty Projectors") to 65095, and you'll receive an alert 15 minutes before that act goes on. Ain't technology grand?


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