Jul 29, 2009, 08:20AM

Jump on the bandwagon

It's fun to hate on Twitter. Come on, you know you wanna. 

Plenty of people see it as a hyped new-media communications tool that promises more than it delivers. Inveterate readers of this column will recognize that I'd be happy to step forward as the founding member of the "I'm bitter about Twitter" club.I object to Twitter's idiosyncratic cap of 140 characters for writing messages and the inherent inability of its users to go into any real depth about any subject. Or maybe it is just that I'm a Facebook kind of person at heart. When it comes to the dog-eat-dog world of social media, I suppose you can never really forget your first love.Granted, during the recent Iranian-election chaos, Twitter came of age for the establishment media. Journalists breathlessly trumpeted its usefulness as Iranians communicated with one another and the outside world during a time of duress.Yes, Twitter proved to be essential in the midst of a crisis. Assuming, however, that your homeland is not being overrun by demonstrators, Twitter might not seem so hot.

  • Twitter's a Boomer thing. I've no idea whether it's a fad or if it's the future, but I registered two years ago and have given it up. Texting is far better.

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