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How to Get High Speed Internet in 2013

Give the phone company a chance—on Twitter

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I had resolved to get WiFi installed at my writing cottage on Tilghman Island once my novel edits were turned back in to my literary agent last month. I called my Phone Company (which will remain nameless because I do not need any more drama with them); they set up an installation date three weeks ago. The router came in the mail, I hooked it up following all the instructions in the manual. The WiFi did not work. I called. The agent on the phone talked me through a number of possible fixes, turn it off and back on, do this, do that. Nope. I asked them to send a technician. They said a supervisor would call me back. No one did. I called again. Same exact routine, no supervisor call. I went online and “chatted live with an agent.” Twice. More promises for supervisor calls, no calls received. Nearly two weeks have passed of me going back and forth with them and nothing happening.

Actual transcript (edited only for length) from third online chat with Phone Company customer support:

Agent Vishiv has joined. (08:29:05)

Vishiv(08:29:10): Thank you for contacting High Speed Internet Technical Support. My name is Vishiv and I am the technical support analyst assigned to help you. Please stay online for a few moments while I review the information generated by your trouble ticket.

MARY MCCARTHY(08:30:55): This is my 3rd chat communication about my internet not working, and I would like to speak to a supervisor who can send a technician out immediately

Vishiv(08:31:31): Please don't worry. I am here to assist you.

MARY MCCARTHY(08:32:02): I am not worrying, I am angry. I should not be making a third attempt to get this issue resolved.

Vishiv(08:32:18): I apologize for the inconvenience caused and I will try my best to resolve the issue.

MARY MCCARTHY(08:32:53): i have already been told four times that a supervisor would contact me and i have not gotten a call.

Vishiv(08:33:13): I understand your concern and I will be happy to help you. Could you please elaborate the issue so that I can assist you in a better way?

MARY MCCARTHY(08:33:51):  the wifi has never worked since it has been installed. your agents have already tried to resolve it remotely and have determined that a technician needs to come fix it so TODAY i want to schedule a technician visit. can you do that?

Vishiv(08:35:13): Yes. But please give me a chance. May I know the make and model number of the modem which you are using to connect to the internet?

MARY MCCARTHY(08:36:32): i have already been through this dialogue twice and i do not wish to go through it again. you can't fix it from there. 2 people already tried. there should be a history of this on my account. i need a technician to visit. can you schedule that or connect me to someone who can?

Vishiv(08:36:52): Well, I can help you out. I am a subject matter expert. Please allow me a chance. I am really sorry for the inconvinience.

MARY MCCARTHY(08:37:51): no. i want to schedule a technician visit. that is what i want. my request is simple. can you help me or not?

Vishiv(08:38:01): Yes. But please let me know the issue so that I can help you out. Is the internet light lit on the modem.

MARY MCCARTHY(08:38:50): i already did. wifi is not working. yes it is lit but it is not working. i have already been through this with 2 people there.

Vishiv(08:44:43): Well, I am a subject matter expert. the issue can be fixed by you also and I don't want you to pay for technician visit.

MARY MCCARTHY(08:48:17): why would i pay for a technician visit when you put in a service i cannot use because it does not work?????

Vishiv(08:48:57): Everything is alright from our side. There is some issue with modem configuration.

MARY MCCARTHY(08:49:25): that is not my fault, you sent the modem.

Vishiv(08:54:33): Ms. McCarthy, please allow me a chance. I am an expert in these kind of issues. I think I can help you out.

MARY MCCARTHY(08:56:21): the record will show three of your agents tried to fix it remotely and could not. can you please schedule a visit?

Vishiv(08:58:16): If you want to schedule for a technician please contact our billing support.

MARY MCCARTHY(08:58:34): you told me that you could do it. it is not a billing issue. it is a technical issue.

Vishiv(08:58:54): Please contact billing. Billing will let you know when the technician would come.

Vishiv(09:00:57): Please wait I will transfer the chat.

MARY MCCARTHY(09:01:20): can you put someone on this chat who can schedule a technician visit? i asked you that 30 minutes ago

This session is being transferred. (09:01:35)

09:01:45 We apologize for the delay.You are next in the queue. A representative will be with you shortly.

This session is transferred to Cathy. (09:01:55)

Agent Cathy has joined. (09:01:55)

MARY MCCARTHY(09:02:43): Hi Cathy. Please tell me you can help me. You are the 6th person I have been through and I'm completely at the end of my rope.

MARY MCCARTHY(09:05:31): Hello???

Cathy(09:06:07): Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. I will be happy to help you today.

MARY MCCARTHY(09:06:41): Have you read the 30 minute chat I just completed with Vishiv so i do not have to repeat myself?

Cathy(09:06:46): I apologize I cannot place request to send a technician out. Technical support will need to schedule that with you.Our High Speed Internet Technical Support Team is best equipped to help resolve your issue. The High Speed Internet Technical Support are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

MARY MCCARTHY(09:07:23): They just sent me to you to do it!!! After 30 minutes!!! It says so in the chat that billing has to schedule the visit!!! I need a supervisor.

This session is being transferred. (09:07:23)

This session is transferred to Vishiv. (09:07:33)

Agent Vishiv has joined. (09:07:33)

MARY MCCARTHY(09:07:53): Vishiv! Cathy said YOU have to schedule the technician!!! And you refused earlier. I want to speak to a supervisor.

Vishiv(09:09:20): Well, there is some issue from your side so we can't send a technician unless there is some issue from our side.

MARY MCCARTHY(09:10:05): If the issue is the modem, it is the modem you sent so it is technically still your issue. I asked for a service, and I am not getting the service so it is your issue.

Vishiv(09:10:30): Modem is perfectly fine.

MARY MCCARTHY(09:10:50): THEN WHY DOESN'T IT WORK? I want to speak to a supervisor who can schedule me a technician. This is at least my 15th request for that over the last 40 minutes.

Vishiv(09:11:05): I am sorry we can't schedule a technician.

MARY MCCARTHY(09:12:00): The service is NOT WORKING. 

Vishiv(09:12:25): You can call us to know further.

MARY MCCARTHY(09:13:33): Do you not have the ability to put a supervisor or someone who can schedule a technician (which you told me you could) on the chat?

Vishiv(09:13:43): I understand your concern and the reason why you are upset in the given situation. I would have been feeling the same way if I had been in your place.

MARY MCCARTHY(09:13:58): I am upset because you are not helping me.

Vishiv(09:14:33): I would love to help you. But at least give me a chance. I have resolved such issues in the past.

After 45 minutes of Vishiv asking for chances and me getting nowhere, I lost it. I did what I hate when egomaniacal bloggers do. I went to Twitter. I sent a public tweet about not getting help. The phone company responded publicly, then (in a very helpful, polite manner) through direct messages, arranged an agent visit. So three weeks after the “installation” of my high speed Internet, two phone calls, three online chats and 54 total Twitter direct messages, the technician arrived.

And do you know what he did? He hit the reset button on the modem. And now I have Internet.


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