Dec 21, 2020, 01:00PM

Are You in? Five Online Membership Clubs Worth Joining

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Do you often feel an eagerness to be alone and think that being part of a group is a waste of time? Or are you an extrovert, the type who likes to spend time with people and always has this energy to absorb different people’s conversations and personalities? Or are you somewhere in between wanting to be alone and wanting to mingle with others?

Whatever the type of personality you have, you have your definition of fun, cool, and growth that will help you feel truly alive. This pandemic time is an excellent time to try these fun and cool things you have in mind by joining online membership clubs.

Yes, you heard it right. Whether you are the loner or the outgoing type, or just in between the two, there is always a cool online membership club that fits you. Find out what suits you among these five online membership clubs worth joining, and get ready to have fun!  

Cigar Clubs

For many or some loners, smoking has been the right way for them to think straight or has become their source of comfort and companionship. Cigars have become their best friend in times of stress, loneliness, or any activity that requires hard work. For others or social smokers, they love to smoke in groups or when hanging out with friends. For these outgoing people, smoking with friends means a deeper connection with them.

The good news is there are great cigar clubs where you can join as a member. Choose that cigar company that takes pride as the best cigar of the month club that ships your cigar for free anywhere in the US. In exchange for joining the cigar club, you are guaranteed to receive fresh cigars and have different flavors and sizes. By entering this club, get ready to enjoy your monthly supply of the best cigars!

Wine Clubs

It is always essential to take care of your heart and check your heart condition. Heart diseases can lead to death but are still preventable in most people. The good news is, there is always a positive association between moderate red wine drinking and a healthy heart.

Hence, it will be beneficial for you to join an online membership wine club and see what they have to offer. If you become a wine club member, expect to receive your monthly or quarterly supply of fruit-driven and pure wines. Some supplies are accompanied by a tasting notebook that serves as a guide on how to taste or blind-taste the wine like an expert.

There are also wine online membership clubs that will ask your preferences on chocolates, coffee, and fruits before signing up. Your answer to their questions will help them produce a wine that will perfectly suit your taste. Sounds cool and classy, right?

Food Clubs

Food enhances mood, whatever the kind of personality you have. Are you the loner-food enthusiast type, or the outgoing-food enthusiast, or the in between-food enthusiast kind of a person? It does not matter. The bottom line is you are a food enthusiast, which means that you need to sign up for that food online membership club. 

There are so many cool things that online food clubs offer. These offers include books about detailed recipes of new dishes with unique food designs. Some food clubs will allow you to experience special events with your favorite famous chefs online or in person. You will also enjoy exclusive promotions such as signature dishes and perks during your birthday or other significant events in your life.

There are also different food membership types that you can avail of from food membership clubs. These categories include the gold, silver, and diamond type. Each class has particular offers that will not only fit your taste but also worth your membership fees.  

Magic Membership Club

Oh yes, there are several online membership clubs for those out there who are interested in learning magic. This cool online membership club will allow you to learn from those who have the most creative and amazing minds in magic. You can even meet with them online or in person.

You will also receive magic books or magazines to enhance your talent or skill for magic on top of these offers. If you want to learn more about the latest tricks or strengthen your skills, joining a magic online membership club will significantly benefit you.

Women Entrepreneurs Club

To all women who are into entrepreneurship out there, there is a club for you to guide you every step of the way. All your business plans will be materialized through the help of the Women entrepreneur membership clubs. Once you sign up for a membership, you will undergo training or courses and receive books and magazines about turning your business vision into a reality.

This will also help you connect with some other women entrepreneurs who can give you pieces of advice and business strategies through their experience. This club promotes women’s empowerment, which is good for your business and yourself as a woman.


It is a good thing that your personality is not the same as the others as there are things that only you can uniquely offer. Thus it is also great that you celebrate the kind of personality you have by joining other fun and cool clubs. With these five cool online membership clubs, get ready to embrace and celebrate yourself fully!


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