Mar 11, 2009, 06:31AM

You are what you eat

Which includes "beaver ass," "coal tar" and "varnish."

Oh dear:

2. Human Hair

L-cysteine is an amino acid that is commonly used in baked goods because it adds elasticity and helps soften dough. It is also commonly used in hair perm solutions. You can find it in bagels, doughnuts, bread, cookies, and frankly, a hell of a lot of yummy things. The cheapest way to produce it (and therefore the most common source at present) is by a special chemical process using human hair - most of which is sourced (and prepared) in China. Because of this, it has led to some debate over whether eating products containing l-cysteine is a type of cannibalism. In China it was also used in the production of soy source: “When asking [the soy manufacturer] how the amino acid syrup (or powder) was generated, [he] replied that the powder was generated from human hair. Because the human hair was gathered from salon [sic], barbershop [sic] and hospitals around the country, it was unhygienic and mixed with condom [sic], used hospital cottons, used menstrual cycle pad [sic], used syringe [sic], etc.”

  • mother of god.

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  • The one that gets me is cigarette-infused drinks. Anyone who's taken a swig from a beer--and who hasn't--that's been used as a makeshift ashtray will never try this one. The least surprising is gold, which, once upon a time, was featured in caviar pocket appetizers at very upscale Manhattan restaurants, the majority of which are no longer in business.

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