May 24, 2010, 08:42AM

Speakeasy: Saving O'Donnell Square, one drink at a time

The last non-douchebaggy Canton hold out...

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While options are limited and sometimes hopeless in the ever-taxing mission to avoid douchebaggery on the Canton Square, it can be done. Consider a little place called Speakeasy.

I have spent many times in this place avoiding girls in stripper shoes and guys in Affliction shirts. Its nearly impossible to step out to Canton Square and not be met by people fighting, puking or peeing on a weekend evening.

Tucked away on the corner lies a joint with good food, people and a mellow environment in an area that too often resembles a scene from Animal House. You wont find dance music, girls wearing skirts with argyle socks to their knees and moccasins thinking theyre trending, polo shirts with popped collars or people with matching outfits drunkenly screaming "Times New Roman";">its her birthday!

Speakeasy has a laid back 1920s décor including murals and a tin ceiling. Its a family run spot with service from people youd want to hang out with if they werent working. The food is excellent. The menu has everything from Delmonicos to burgers, but with a Greek tinge. I could eat the crabcake sandwich and the mussels every day, and maybe the hummus as well. In addition to the eclectic menu theres an estimable variety of beers on tap and liquor. One of my favorites is the Mojito with fresh mint out of Mamas garden. Mama is the matriarch of the family and grows fresh herbs to bring in for the menu every day.


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