Jul 20, 2009, 09:32AM

Live Blogging the Wood Fire Grill Challenge

In haiku.

I haven't bothered to sit down and watch The Next Food Network Star 5 for about two weeks. It seems that this is my viewing pattern these days: watch every other episode, because there's something else going on. Next week will be the same: I will likely be away from the computer when the next episode is on. And it doesn't really bother me. Frankly, I am losing interest in this show. Wouldn't you if you were sightseeing far from home? Especially with faked-up duke-outs like the ones we see on this show?

And yet, here I am doing another live-blog. Ritualism makes me do it, I guess. And I have a special beer picked out for tonight. Since organic stuff seems to be all over the airwaves lately, Oxford Organic Raspberry Wheat Beer from Clipper City's line of Oxford Ales caught my attention this week at the Wine Source. It should get me through the next episode or two at least. Even more difficult since they got rid of all the fey fun that was... Michael.


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