Apr 02, 2009, 09:33AM

Brew it till it's tar

A case for strong coffee.

So long as it wakes you up:

The semantics of "strong" are fascinating. Most people say they don't want it "too strong," but no one really wants it weak. When we introduced Peet's coffee to travelers at San Francisco International Airport, we feared that those unfamiliar with our very hefty brewed coffee would be put off by its strength. So we offered two versions, regular and mild. Very, very few people wanted anything but "strong coffee." We were delighted, of course, but I regret that we have not yet eliminated weak coffee from the world, even though we no longer offer it at our airport outlets. [Curator's note: Thank heaven they don't! The first thing I do, zombie-like, on arriving at SFO is head for the nearest Peet's booth -- and I know where they all are.]


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