Nov 21, 2023, 06:28AM

What Time Would You Like Your Wake-Up Call?

Allow me to scream directly into your ear.

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The courtesy wake-up call begins to ring. No? Allow me to scream directly into your ear. May the heavens forbid you wake up to blatant political injustice, war, poverty, racism, and plain and simple never-ending hatred happening in your nonchalant face. That simply won’t do. May the gods forgive your intolerant, willful ignorance of truth to power. The suffering bastards of impermanence await you in the lobby. The heavens will open up and swallow you in the rapture of the second coming in room 130 on the 13th floor of no return. The steps are for emergency exits only. Don’t mix your icy-tainted religion in my dirty martini politics cocktail.

You say facts mean nothing. Maybe you’re dreaming. Drink the Kool-Aid of the wet-brained nincompoops and become one with them. This ain’t no electric Kool-Aid acid test. The rich and free clods of earth you substitute for loopy brains and filthy mindfulness. The singularity of us is here now, always a reality. The preordained force of unavoidable gravity. The titty-twister wet Willie of your worst desires. The situation’s dire, but you wouldn’t know it in the hive mind of honey-soaked sweet dreams. The glitch in the simulation was installed on purpose to make you feel, look, and believe everything is in its place and there’s a place for everything. Even you, in your shaky somnambulist shoes, lumber around in a sleepwalking world. You never invited me to your meet-and-greet Holocaust party.

The civilized are uncivil, while the downtrodden hide in hovels of humility, humble to a fault. The meek inherit the winds of hypocrisy that emanate from the buttocks of the wealthy. I don’t care how many golden toilets there are in Mar-a-Lago. You better snap out of it. The modern-day philosopher defines the awareness of being awake as being enlightened. To know that you’re a positive energy force in the cosmic picture. This wokeness is the very essence of basic truths. Not just all men are created equal, but also women, children, and every color and sexual gender orientation. Religion notwithstanding. The definition of “woke culture” has roots in the early-1900s among blacks who were enlightened by their experiences in America. Hip to what was going on. To know exactly how and why they're being discriminated against and fucked over. Those forefathers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The decrees excluded them from participation in the American Dream and democracy as we know it.

The dictionary defines woke as follows: “wəʊk/ (informal, often disapproving) ​aware of social and political issues, especially racism. The woke word is often used in a way by people who think that some other people are too easily upset about these issues or talk too much about them in a way that does not change anything.” In plain language, those who oppose the woke agenda are the same racist people who started the fires of the first Civil War in 1861, and they're still smoldering today. The reasons are few, people in the Northern and Southern states have debated this problem: economic policy, cultural values, and the federal government butting its nose in where it doesn’t belong. Oh, the massive American issue of slavery within American society. There are many white people across the country who believe they’re superior to black, brown, yellow, and red people. They don’t think that other races should have the same rights as whites. Roughly half of all Americans believe this fallacy because of race relations between blacks and the whitewashed majority of whites, who feel superior to all other races. It’s a race nobody can finish, much less win. You could consider that we’re all equal slaves in bondage to the evil corporate entities that make decisions for us.

Going back to the concept of enlightenment and awareness, it’s obvious to those around us who you really are and what you believe in. The woke culture made a major comeback with the Black Lives Matter movement. Are you ready? Republicans, in tandem with extreme right-wing evangelicals, conspiracy group theorists, neo-Nazi party members, KKK supporters, and run-of-the-mill ignorant white nationalists, are all in agreement. They believe woke culture must be eradicated from existence because they can’t control it. It’s not like one day you wake up and go, huh?

Theoretical right-wing thought-mongers say Antifa is against them, yet they’ve never called themselves anti-fascists. Because they don’t care about the truth, hypocrisy and ignorance abound. Not only in the eyes of the public but also the halls of justice and the pillars of government. If they have their way with us, we’ll be living back in the 1950s. This will be our future. The Civil War never ended. The new era of the monstrosity that was the South has reared its ugly head again. I’m sure it’s not too late to destroy all the monsters. They scream, “Don’t tread on me,” as though they don’t stomp around like thugs on our rights, proclaiming God bless America. 


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