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What Do the Experts Say?

Here at the Times, we’re so glad you asked!

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We want to thank the readers who pointed out that searching “experts say” at nytimes.com produces 4,588 hits for the last year, most of them in headlines and sub-heads. “Experts say,”our readers calculated, appears more frequently in our headlines than “and.” You asked whether “experts say” is our religion here at the Times, to which we can only respond that “experts say” is our "science."

In brief, and with regard to any question whatsoever, (1) there are experts, (2) the experts are in consensus, and (3) this consensus is the truth. Or, even if it's not the truth, no one can blame you for nodding along, because experts said it! As we transition from our legacy identity as The New York Times to our new, bold, proactive identity as Experts Say, here’s a sampling of things professors came apparently to agree about, and hence what you can safely commit yourself to without being personally responsible for it, April 22, 2022 to April 22, 2023.

Want to Make a Change? Conjure Your Possible Selves. Imagining a different future can help motivate you, experts say. (April 10 2023.)

Why We Get Motion Sick and How to Stop It. Experts say prevention is the best cure. (Sep 1 2022.)

When Someone You Love is Upset, Ask This One Question. Offering support can be tricky, but experts say this technique helps. (April 7 2023.)

How to Stop Having Those Same Fights With Your Partner. There are ways to meet in the middle, experts say. (Feb 10 2023.)

It's Time to Wear a Mask Again, Health Experts Say. (Dec 13, 2022.)

Some claim corset-like garments help wearers slim their midsections. Here's what the experts say. (May 20 2022.)

President Biden Is Turning 80. Experts Say Age Is More Than a Number. (November 8, 2022.)

Stress on workers at an occupied nuclear plant elevates risks, experts say. (July 12, 2022.)

Experts say Risk-Free Drinking is a Myth. (Jan 21 2023.)

Finding Alternative Route for Ukraine's Grain Exports Not So Simple, Experts Say. (June 22, 2022.)

The U.S. government classifies tens of millions of documents a year. Experts say the practice is excessive. (Jan 27 2023.)

Now is also a good time to put aside emergency funds, financial experts say. (July 1 2022.)

Experts say that a leading cause of death often gets overlooked.(June 20 2022.)

Here's what experts say about what naps can (and can't) do for your health. (March 28 2023.)

Consumers will benefit from lower utility bills and cheaper home upgrades, energy experts say. (Jan 9 2023.)

Total cases [of Monkeypox] reported worldwide remain low but have begun to rise sharply, and they likely represent an underestimate, experts say. (May 20 2022.)

The pro-Bolsonaro riot and Jan. 6 attack followed a similar digital playbook, experts say. (Jan 8 2023.)

Good Watch Collections Start With the Groundwork. Everything important, experts say, should happen before you make the first purchase. (Sept 25, 2022.)

Russia pulling off the biggest art heist since the Nazis in World War II, experts say. (Jan 16 2023.)

How Delta-8 THC Works, and Why Experts Are Worried About It. (July 1 2022.)

Study Suggests Possible Link Between Sugar Substitute and Heart Issues. Experts Say, Don't Panic (Feb 28 2023.)

Key Evidence in Report on Missing Mexican Students Cannot Be Verified, Experts Say (Oct 31, 2022.)

Some Republicans Want to Count Votes by Hand. Bad Idea, Experts Say. (Oct 18, 2022.)

Ringworm? Tatis's Explanations Stretch Common Sense, Experts Say. (Aug 26 2022.)

Halloween Crowd Crush in Seoul Was 'Absolutely Avoidable,' Experts Say (Oct 31, 2022.)

Orange Skies signaled yet another dusty day for Iraqis. It was the seventh such storm in recent months, experts say. (May 5 2022.)

A 'Tripledemic'? R.S.V., Flu, and Covid May Collide The Winter, Experts Say. (Oct 23 2022.)

Walker Says His Mental Illness is Healed. Experts Say It's Not So Simple. (Oct 20 2022.)

Wagner Group May Have Committed War Crimes in Mali, U.N. Experts Say. (Jan 31 2023.)

To Prevent Cancer, More Women Should Consider Removing Fallopian Tubes, Experts Say. (Feb 1 2023.)

Hidden Artwork Revealed by X-Ray Appears to Be Van Gogh Self-Portraits, Experts Say. (July 14 2022.)

Experts Say We Have the Tools to Fight Addiction. So Why Are More Americans Overdosing Than Ever? (June 24 2022.)

Elon Musk's Twitter Role Puts Tesla Board Under New Scrutiny. Corporate governance experts say the electric car maker's directors may need to rein in the chief executive. (Nov 22, 2022.)

Are Some Processed Meats Worse for You Than Others? Here what the experts say. (June 20, 2022.)

Some experts say continued withdrawals [from the strategic reserve] could test the nation's energy security. (Sep 29 2022.)

Concussions Pose Particular Risks for Older Adults. Experts say patients can, and usually will, make a full recovery. Here's what to know. (Match 10 2023.)

What's Next in the Elon Musk-Twitter Saga? A Court Battle. Most legal experts say Twitter has the upper hand. (July 9, 2022.)

The key to this household mystery may lie in our vaccination status, experts say. (June 2, 2022.)

In this digital age, a handwritten note may seem like a relic. But etiquette experts say they can be more powerful than ever. (Nov 14 2022.)

My Family Got Covid. So Why Did We Test Negative? The key to this household mystery may lie in our vaccination status, experts say. (June 2, 2022.)

An official in Wales was called out for knitting in a virtual meeting, setting off a debate about etiquette. Experts say fine-motor movement activates the parts of the brain used for focus. (March 31 2023.)

Health experts say that people in the hot spot which includes cities like Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse, should be increasing their precautions. (April 27, 2022.)

Experts say that when a group is packed so close together that no one can move, their airways can become constricted. (Oct 30 2022.)

A Little Motivation to Take a Walk: It's one of the best forms of preventive medicine, experts say. (March 17 2023.)

Here's what experts say about the trend of taping your lips closed at bedtime. (Nov 17 2022.)

At Yosemite, a Preservation Plan That Calls for Chain Saws: With treasured forests perennially threatened by fierce wildfires, many experts say it's time to cut and burn protectively. (July 27 2022.)

Monday's temperature fell just short of the record, but experts say Tuesday's high could surpass it. (July 18, 2022.)

Because California's economy is so big, experts say, the law could have far-reaching effects. (July 1 2022.)

Residents are increasingly interested in the wilderness, but with interest comes injury, experts say. (Feb 28, 2023.)

Here is what foreign-policy experts are discussing ahead of the G7 meeting. (June 26 2022.)

Rethinking the "Digital Detox": Experts say the best way to set boundaries with technology involve sustained effort, not just a break. (Feb 18, 2022.)

Turbulent trading in shares of companies like AMC Entertainment and Bed Bath & Beyond can no longer be explained as simply a pandemic phenomenon, experts say. (Aug 19 2022.)

Researchers don't fully understand the menstrual cycle's effect on the immune system, but experts say there are reasons some may feel sick at certain points. (May 3 2022.)

Here's what experts say about when to stretch and why. (Dec 15 2022.)

Experts say the U.S. government has unintentionally encouraged a dependency on imported masks by failing to promote elastomeric respirators. (July 2 2022.)

Experts say that [Brittney Griner's] best hope may be a diplomatic deal between the U.S. and Russia. (July 8 2022.)

A number of lawyers and experts say measures to safeguard citizens online are badly needed. (August 4, 2022.)

Many products claim to brighten your teeth. Here's what experts say about them. (Oct 3 2022.)

For many common orthopedic conditions, experts say patients should consider physical therapy as a first line of defense. (April 4 2022.)

Stressful events can cause us to detach and disengage, experts say, but there are ways to avoid becoming desensitized. (Feb 21 2023.)

Streets like South Congress Avenue are crucial to retail and hotel chains, real estate experts say, but gentrification can push out local businesses and residents. (Feb 21 2023.)

Gum disease has been associated with a range of health conditions. Here's what experts say you can do to manage the risk. (April 6 2023.)

The hurricane's record-breaking cost will make it even harder for many to get insurance, experts say. (Oct 13 2022.)

Artificial intelligence can make adults nervous, but experts say exploring it as a family is the best way to understand its pros and cons. (March 22 2023.)

Drinking Again? Maybe the Problem is Dry January. The annual sobriety challenge is more popular than ever, but like many New Year's resolutions, it can end early and in failure. But there are still benefits to trying, experts say. (Jan 18 2023.)

Does CBD Help With Insomnia? The research is sparse, experts say, but there are some hints about how it could soother you to sleep. (August 30 2022.)

Iran says the satellite's powerful camera is not meant for military purposes, but some experts say that it will greatly enhance Tehran's intelligence gathering. (Aug 9 2022.)

Here's what experts say about the risks and promises of traveling abroad for cost-efficient care. (March 8 2023.)

Why Experts Want to Rename Monkeypox. (Aug 23 2022.)

Why Some States Are Expanding Tax-Free Periods. The 'holidays' are aimed at helping consumers, but they're also politically attractive. Tax experts say they provide only modest benefits. (June 17 2022.)

The agency that runs New York City's subway and buses has fewer riders and shaky finances. Experts have ideas for addressing the problem. (April 11 2023.)

The Biden administration is planning a major shift to electric vehicles, but experts say it requires a secure, resilient supply of critical minerals. (May 2, 2022.)

Experts say wonder is an essential human emotion—and a salve for a turbulent mind. (Jan 3, 2023.)

The pandemic has supercharged the decline in the nation's public school system in ways that experts say will not easily be reversed. (May 17 2022.)

This is just the tip of the “experts say” iceberg! To subscribe now to Experts Say, cancel your New York Times subscription and then hide.

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