Sep 25, 2023, 06:27AM

The Nebbish

A real mensch.

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Once there was a nebbish, who after countless rejections from women and endless social embarrassments, decided to see a psychiatrist.

The doctor immediately knew he was dealing with a total bore. The man kept whining and complaining; the doctor was happy knowing he’d get paid for the hour because it was like having a tooth pulled listening to him. But he was a good doctor; he’d seen these cases before. He knew what to do. He sent him to a specialist to remake his personality.

Reluctantly, the nebbish went to see the specialist.

A year later, the psychiatrist saw a tall, handsome man walk into his office. He introduced himself; it was the now former nebbish. The doctor asked him about the treatment. He was told everything had worked magnificently. He was completely made over. He’d received new clothes, a new haircut, taught how to successfully approach women, when to talk, when to keep his mouth shut, sent to a gym where he toned up his body, learned to sit up straight. He found out he was an attractive guy once he had changed his posture and some of his awkward habits. It was all about confidence.

His life had taken on a radical change; he was out six, sometimes seven days a week. Women! He’d never known so many women, and they seemed to like him. They made themselves available. That was the amazing thing; they found him charming, funny and a good prospect, a real mensch.

The doctor congratulated him, shook his hand and wished him the best; but to the doctor’s surprise, the man didn’t leave the office. The doctor was perplexed. He asked if there was something else he could do. The man hesitatingly said he’d come to consult with him. He explained that since his life had changed he’d realized that he was miserable. At first he was happy with his new lifestyle but slowly realized that he had no time for any of his former interests. He discovered he was happier living in his nebbish world pursuing his nebbish interests. That was the role he was cut out for; he could function personally as a nebbish; now he was a slave to the expectations of others.

And with a pleading tone in his voice he asked the doctor if there was any way that he could change him back?


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