Nov 04, 2008, 07:08AM

The Information Age has left the building

The world is shifting from the left side of the brain to the right. (Under no circusmstances is that to be taken as a political reference.)

From the linear to the abstract:

To survive and prosper in the Conceptual Age, Pink identifies a set of aptitudes – including design, pattern recognition and empathy – that are considered right-brain skills. (Although Pink provides basic neurological background, he primarily uses the brain's geography metaphorically to organize and present his ideas.) The good news is that these right-brain skills can be learned and honed, and participation in the arts supports this essential learning.

What the arts teach – and what we need to compete in a world where more and more people enjoy an abundance of material goods – Pink calls high-concept and high-touch skills. His high-concept list includes the ability to create aesthetically satisfying products, combine seemingly unrelated ideas into a novel invention, and craft a compelling narrative. High-touch skills include empathy, understanding the subtleties of human interaction, finding and creating joy and engaging in the pursuit of meaning.


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