Dec 26, 2008, 09:19AM

Stay Away From Yourself

You should be scared of you.


You are your worst enemy. It’s a fact.

After the age of twenty-five, you are more likely to kill yourself than ever be killed by anyone else. And the chance you will kill yourself increases every year or your life.

And don’t think the young aren’t after their own blood. If you’re under twenty-five, the danger you present to you is even more severe.

The two leading causes of death for 18-24 year are accidents and homicide.

Not all accidents are suicide, I guess. But examine the notion of an accident—a word that implies that every choice we made up the point of disaster does not matter.

There may be such thing as accidents but they exist only in the realm of circumstance.

Why did you drive recklessly? Why were you playing with a gun, that cocaine, that man’s wife, that giant vat of toxic waste, that boulder held in place by a daisy? Why do you insist on going out on Saturday night, the most dangerous night of the week?

I’m not saying you definitely absolutely want to kill yourself.

I’m saying you’re more cunning than that. Like most master criminals, you lurk and lurk and strike only when the distractions are high, when the mood and sky is dark.



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