May 25, 2010, 09:13AM

Orioles manager Dave Trembley blows another game

The losses are stacking up.

The Orioles started off May reasonably well at 7-6, and showed glimpses of decency, so I was excited heading into Saturday, May 15th.  The O’s had just pounded Cleveland 8-1, and had young stud Brian Matusz on the mound. Over the next week the team had two more games with Cleveland, two with Kansas City, two on the road against Texas, and three just down the road at Washington. It was a perfect time to get some wins and make the record more respectable against some of easier opponents.  

Of course that did not happen. The Orioles went 2-7 in those games, which led to speculation that manager Dave Trembley would be fired on May 24. Every off day the Orioles have it seems there’s a rumor that Trembley will lose his job. It hasn’t happened yet. Someone within the organization usually replaces managers who are fired in mid-season, and O’s President/GM Andy MacPhail may realize that there is nobody better available. I’d replace Trembley, but the Orioles would probably bring in somebody equally as inept. Trembley is likable enough, and he doesn’t have much to work with, but what I watched Saturday ended any minuscule amount of support I had for Trembley.   

Saturday the Orioles held a 4-3 heading into the sixth inning. Brad Bergesen had thrown 99 pitches, given up eight hits, three runs, walked one, and struck out one. Bergesen obviously did not have his best stuff, but got through five innings with the lead allowing a respectable three runs.   

In the top of the sixth Ty Wigginton hit a two-run home run to give the O’s a three-run lead at 6-3. Matt Wieters and Cesar Izturis both singled, putting runners at the corners with two down. Man on third, with an opportunity to extend the lead, I wondered who Trembley would send to pinch hit for the pitcher. Wait, Trembley left Bergesen in to hit!  Why? I was disgusted with the decision.  

The bench he is working with is atrocious, with players like Craig Tatum, Garrett Atkins, Julio Lugo, and Scott Moore, but you have to pinch hit there.  Sure his bullpen isn’t great either, filled with injuries and 5+ ERAs, but you have to pinch hit. When you have a chance to score another run, especially with the Orioles’ inability to score, there’s no other choice. With a pitcher who has the ability to throw about 100 pitches, who hasn’t thrown more than 102 in the season, who has only thrown more than 107 pitches twice in his major league career, and had already thrown 99 pitches in the game, you have to pinch hit. Afterwards, single, triple, single in seven pitches and Bergesen leaves the game. The Orioles still have the lead at this point, but Mark Hendrickson now comes in with a runner on first, no outs, only up one run instead of up three at the start of an inning.   

I have no idea what the rationale was to leave Bergesen in the game. But that decision probably cost the Orioles a win. Bottom line: another example of blatant mismanagement by Trembley.

  • I though this was year, finally, that the Orioles were supposed to reach .500? As the saying goes, you can't fire the team, so Trembley has to go. Andy MacPhail should find some Buck Showaler sort of type, a drillmaster, to whip the underachieving team into shape.

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  • The team has the talent, they're just underperforming. Trembley has blown a few games for them, but what manager hasn't. I don't think firing Trembley would really solve anything at all, though. Their starting pitching has been underperforming and their offense has been streaky, that's not the manager's fault. They should draft either Jameson Taillon or Drew Pomeranz, depending on who's available at this year's draft, to eventually round out their rotation. I'm not endorsing Trembley, but I don't think firing him now would do anything. Wait until the end of the season.

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