Jul 31, 2009, 07:24AM

Ol' FlatBrim

George Sherrill has been traded to the Dodgers. Now, a look at the prospects.

I was mostly off the grid this afternoon, and as a result I didn’t get the news that George Sherrill had been traded to the Dodgers until about 5:30. You all nailed it in the comments, though, which was awesome.My first reaction was a little bit of sadness, since The Brim has a special place in my Orioles-loving heart. But my second reaction was “good move.” We got the third baseman that I thought would be critical in any deal, and a decent pitching prospect with hometown roots on top of that. All of that for a pitcher who — on the field — is replaceable.

  • Bummer man, I'm a Sherrill fan. Whenever it was late in the innings and Sherrill came out I had good hope that the O's had this one in the bag. He went to the All-Stars last year and pitched a scoreless inning in extra innings to help the AL snag another win. That was a big day and sealed my admiration for the guy.

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  • This was a total win for the Orioles, which, as a Red Sox fan, doesn't thrill me. Sherrill was the prototypical white-knuckle closer (sort of like Papelbon has been this year), and it seems like the O's got excellent return in the trade.

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