Aug 12, 2009, 11:00AM

Kevin Youkilis: One of the most hated men in baseball

If only he played for the Orioles.

Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino had sex in a restaurant?I really need to start asking to see the specials.Kevin Youkilis throws his batting helmet. Rick Porcello throws Youkilis to the ground.As if I hadn't already decided which guy to root for in this fight.Youkilis is one of the most despised players in baseball. He complains after every strike and every out. He'll destroy a water cooler after popping up with his team ahead by 10 runs. The scowl, the stance, the look...everything. Can't stand the guy.Do I wish he played for the Orioles?Absolutely.

  • Youk is an acquired taste. I couldn't stand him at first, all those moans and groans and looks at umpires. But he plays hurt, unlike a lot of players who go on the DL for some r&r, and he's great defensively even when he's slumping at the plate. I don't think the Orioles have a player of such intensity.

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