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Feb 16, 2023, 06:28AM

You Can Never Really Erase Yourself

1992 Film Score Monthly interview with animated cartoon scorer Hoyt Curtin vs. a 2022 The Indy interview with retired cartoonist Doug Allen.

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Hoyt Curtin: It was about these two curlews, they were just a pair, and they were flying over a field and this doggoned farmer picks up a shotgun and blows the lady away.

Doug Allen: It was punky stuff, like a new wave band. It’s weird. It was like Dolly Parton meets Devo.

Curtin: That’s right. Some of it is very inventive and some of it isn’t. (laughs) Why go to Julliard?

Allen: I applied to RISD in 1973. You can never really erase yourself.

Curtin: You let the action handle it.


Allen: I did that for a couple of years.

Curtin: We really had fun doing that. They’re still doing that.

Allen: There definitely was a scene. It became national.

Curtin: It was a beautiful thing but it didn’t catch on.

Allen: I would put on my sport jacket and take my portfolio around to magazines; I think I only got one gig doing a strip for High Times.


Curtin: As I remember, it was about ladies on an alien planet who turned into tarantulas.

Allen: There was one called Dorette International, where I would find tap handles, old plexiglass, every different beer brand buried into the ground.

Curtin: That’s how that was done. First they made two, maybe three years of new things.

Allen: There were just stacks of them at all the shops, especially in record stores along Thayer Street.

Curtin: I didn’t have any idea, I hadn't seen anything.


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