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Feb 21, 2023, 06:29AM

When I’m Swimming With Dolphins

A 2018 The Pluto Babe interview with photographer and former model Veruschka Normandeau vs. a 2018 Harvard Business Review interview with doctor and self-help personality Deepak Chopra.

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Veruschka Normandeau: Would you say Aquarius has to do with a muse energy?

Deepak Chopra: No, because I’m back in medicine in a pretty big way. So one day I decided to drop almost everything and leave.

Normandeau: Around the same time I was introduced to Barbies. And this whole world and artist identity opened up.


Chopra: I give them the opportunity to reflect on important questions: Who am I? Why do I think I exist? What is my contribution? What brings me joy? What will my legacy be?

Normandeau: They’ll hire an accountant and go to the gym regularly and do their skin-care routine.

Chopra: When they do this, they start to feel so good, joyful, and energetic that it becomes addictive. How do I use them?

Normandeau: I wanted their attention but they were always poking fun at me and making fun of what I was wearing and my hair. So I was always deflecting and defending and just making everything mathematics.


Chopra: I was a bit of a mess, myself. I didn’t have time to sleep. I was smoking cigarettes.

Normandeau: Oh absolutely yeah. If you’re human and you’re here on Earth it’s probably not easy.


Chopra: You have sages and geniuses, but also psychotics and people with no training whatsoever who had a personal experience and decided to write or give lectures about it.

Normandeau: However the alienation has always been there.

Chopra: Is it going to make a difference?

Normandeau: That’s a good question. By chance I ended up being a nanny in Marilyn Monroe’s house, and I found out while sitting on the bed in the room that she passed away in.

Chopra: I’m about to do a retreat like this in Israel. But I think success is opportunity and preparedness coming together, which happens only when you’re aware.

Normandeau: You know, usually when I’m swimming with dolphins.


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