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Aug 27, 2012, 06:05AM

Very Teutonic, Very Gestapo

The closing statements at trial of the Pussy Riot three vs. a 1983 Penthouse interview with L. Ron Hubbard Jr. vs. a 2001 Institute of International Studies, University of California Berkeley interview with the late historian Howard Zinn.

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Howard Zinn: I'm not going to be executed. I'm not even going to be given a long jail sentence. I may be thrown into jail for a day or two, and that has happened to me eight to nine times. I may be fired, I may get a salary decrease, but these are pitiful things compared to what happens to people in the world.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova: Their mouths are sewn shut. This amazes me.

Zinn: They were writing, "My husband is out of work, my kids are hungry, and they're turning off the gas."

L. Ron Hubbard Jr.: It was almost like a terror campaign. Very Teutonic, very Gestapo.

Tolokonnikova: Do you remember why young Dostoyevsky was sentenced to death?

Zinn: I remember the New York Times ran a poll once, asking high school students questions about history.

Hubbard Jr: This would come about as a result of black-magic rituals, which included the use of hypnosis, drugs, and other dangerous and destructive practices.

Maria Alyokhina: This view is certified on paper, it’s attached to our criminal file.

Zinn: From that point on, you're capable of anything, even atrocities.

Tolokonnikova: Regalia and scholarly degrees mean nothing.

Yekaterina Samutsevich: Moreover, the filming must be continuous; the necessary images must be burned into the memory and constantly updated; they must create the impression of something natural, constant, and compulsory.

Zinn: The heroes are different, and the eras get different names.

Samutsevich: Clearly, none of the steps Putin promised to take toward instituting the rule of law have been taken.

Hubbard Jr.: But he was involved in smuggling deals with my father: gold from the Mediterranean, and some drugs – mostly cocaine.

Tolokonnikova: We have lost our ability to cry.

Zinn: Obviously, that was not democracy.

Alyokhina: We reached our hands out to the people who, for some reason, consider us their enemies, and they spat into our open hands. And as a result, their own cruelty increases many times over. The current government will have occasion to feel shame and embarrassment because of it for a long time to come.

Hubbard Jr: Blood, black eyes, busted teeth, the whole thing. Now it’s up to $300 or more an hour.

Zinn: If we give up at this point then we know nothing good is going to happen.

Samutsevich: On the other hand, we have won.


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