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Mar 02, 2010, 06:37AM

The Coney Island Amateur Psychoanalytic Society

Celebrating 100 years since Freud's visit to Coney Island: the Dream Films, 1926 - 1972.

In 1926, soon after the Society was founded, its first president and founder Albert Grass proposed that members attempt to recreate their dreams on film and analyze them. He had worked as a cameraman in Signal Corp during World War I and returned to Brooklyn with technical expertise. When Kodak produced the first 16mm camera and the new 'safety film' in 1923, the medium was born for the amateur. Grass was ready to initiate members of the Society into the mysteries of cinematography and Freudian theory. He firmly believed that the films would prove Freud's dictum that dreams are always the disguised fulfillment of a suppressed wish.


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